Why Vita-NuAge Nutrition:

Vita-NuAge Nutrition is a Canadian-based company headquartered at Vancouver, BC.  Our company beginnings began with our endeavors in providing the supplement market with premium herbal supplements.  Our flagship product Organic Reishi set motion in the Canadian market mirroring the success of its parent brand which dominated Asia with extensive global sales.

Our Mission:

Industry-leading commitment to inspire and provide consumers with the highest quality, purest, innovative health and wellness solutions that contribute to good health.


Product Formulation

Vita-NuAge invests heavily in product research and product formulation and strives to offer consumers with quality and innovative supplements.  Vita-NuAge is continuously breaking barriers in the supplement market through developing products.  We work towards launching new supplements that have not reached the market as well as providing products that are superior to the ones already on the market.

Premium Ingredients

We carefully and intricately only source raw materials from reputable suppliers.  We review each ingredient’s certificate of analysis to ensure they meet the important criteria of high quality, purity, and potency.

Quality Control:

At Vita-NuAge, we pride on quality control so that we can ensure that only the best products are offered to consumers.  All our products have been awarded product licenses from Health Canada and are manufactured at Canadian site-licensed facilities.

GMP Standards:

All our products are manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

Truly Canadian

Vita-NuAge Nutrition is a Canadian company offering products that are licensed by Health Canada.  Our products are also formulated and manufactured in Health Canada approved site-licensed Canadian facilities.

Third Party Testing:

All our products undergo strict third party testing on microbiology and heavy metal testing to ensure products adhere to standards.